An afternoon at Puy de Manse

Spring continues to be very bad in France with lots of rain, water flood here and there, cold temperature. Weather forecast even plan some snow next week-end ! Hopefully, time to time, there is one or 2 consecutive beautiful days. Last saturday was nice, so I decided to drive to the region of Gap to retrieve Serge and Arnaud there and enjoy some super conditions at Puy de Manse.

Serge had his brand new Stinger he maidened, Arnaud was flying his Vampire. I took my Pike Precision, and didn't forgot to take my GoPro3 and also the Keycam #16 V2 lens D  to shoot some onboard and ground video.

I had about 30 minutes of onboard video before the battery of the keycam dies, plus some Go Pro sequences, so I edited the 6 minutes video below. Hope you will like it.


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